Monday, June 3, 2013

Crowstoes Asterope

Sooooooooo. I have decided to make this month, Crowstoes Month! I was recently sent some Crows for review, and I also won a bunch of Pleiades in an unrelated giveaway. I'll post more specific disclosures where they apply. As for Asterope, this was among the polishes I won, and was not sent for review. Also, I should apologize in advance for the inconsistent lighting...being held hostage by the weather is a pain in the butt, but I tried to get these to show up as true-to-life as I could.

Crowstoes Asterope is a pink-orange-gold duo/multichrome, and there's even a hint of green when you layer it over black. Personally, I prefer the way it looks alone, but it is sheer and needs 4-5 coats to be presentable.

Despite the sheerness, I didn't have any trouble with application, and there was no bubbling. Here are a couple photos to show you the color shift:

As you can see, it's nice and duochromey even without a black base! And here it is over black. I used 3 coats over Sinful Colors Black on Black.

And the color shift:

See that hint of green at the edges? Super cool. I usually don't like layering over black because there are always those little bits of black peeking can see them pretty clearly in my pictures, unfortunately. But regardless of my layering woes, Asterope is really cool!

The first similar polishes that came to mind were Sally Hansen Amber Ruby and Ozotic Pro 502. Amber Ruby has much denser shimmer, and both 502 and Amber Ruby have stronger color shifts than Asterope, but Amber Ruby was discontinued long ago. And apparently many of the Ozotic 500 series were also discontinued. Point being, Asterope will be much easier to obtain than either of those, and is still quite pretty in its own right! Asterope also reminds me a bit of Sally Hansen Golden Cinnabar, but the Nail Prisms have been gone for ages. Claire's Poison Apple is sort of similar, and I do actually own that one so I can do a comparison. After I finish with the swatches, I'll put up a post with a couple of comparisons.

Crowstoes are sold at Llarowe and Shoppe Eclecticco, and Aussie customers can buy them at Femme Fatale Cosmetics. I believe they are also sold on Overall Beauty, but interestingly enough, when I tried to access the page to link in this post, my antivirus marked it as unsafe.

Have you tried Asterope? Thoughts?

Thanks for looking and commenting, and have a great week!