Thursday, November 24, 2011

Nails Inc. The Wyndham Duo

Happy Thanksgiving! Or, if you don't celebrate, happy Thursday! Today I have a ridiculously awesome combination to show you.

The Nails Inc. Wyndham duo is one of three flakie/creme pairs being sold at Sephora right now. The Wyndham is a green/blue flakie paired with Kensington (a dark, greenish teal creme), the Old Vic is a blue/indigo flakie paired with Taxi Black (a plain black creme), and the Donmar is a gold/green/red flakie paired with Chelsea (a dark plum creme). I considered picking up the Donmar pair as well, but the flakie looks a lot like Nubar 2010 and its assorted dupes, so I decided against it.

Although I love teals and already own two teal cremes (OPI Ski Teal We Drop and SHCSM Fairy Teal), Kensington is completely different. It's a very dark, inky teal, and it is far more green-toned than the other two. I'll post Kensington later on, and include a comparison to the others. The formula is very very nice though! Very smooth, self-leveling application, which is great because dark colors like this are a pain in the neck to clean up.

Now, the Wyndham has an equally awesome formula. It takes slightly longer to set, but this is an advantage since it gives you a little extra time to place the flakes if you'd like. This is 2 coats of Kensington, 2 coats of the Wyndham, and 1 coat of Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat:

You can see in the photo that the green flakies have a blue duochrome too! Here it is at an angle so you can see the effect a little better:

And since the Wyndham is such an awesome glitter, here's the obligatory macro shot of my thumbnail!

Have a great holiday!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Sally Hansen CSM Fairy Teal + Pure Ice Heartbreaker

Good...morning? Eh, it's 1 A.M., close enough. Today I have two great polishes to show you. Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure, despite its obnoxiously long name, has some great cremes (excluding Dorien Grey), and Fairy Teal is one of my favorites. It's a very smooth, very opaque teal creme that dries quickly and applies evenly in 2 coats. Here it is on its own:

That photo was taken a few weeks ago, but this time when I wore it, I decided I wanted to jazz it up a bit, so I reached for Pure Ice Heartbreaker. Heartbreaker is a sheer polish that pretty much looks like green/blue duochrome shimmer in a clear base. I think the base might be very slightly tinted, but I haven't noticed a change in the base colors whenever I layer Heartbreaker on top. It's usually green, and turns blue at an angle, but over Fairy Teal, it usually looks teal, and the green shows up at an angle, like this:

And now I'm off to sleep. Thanks for looking!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Revlon Royal Cloak

Good morning! Today I have for you a polish that is not so excellent.

Revlon Royal Cloak is from the Masquerade collection, just like Devil's Candy, but unfortunately the formula is nowhere as nice as Devil's Candy. It's a shame, because it's really a very pretty color. It has a royal purple base with grey/silver flaky shimmer.

3 coats for opacity, which isn't bad, but this was depressingly difficult to apply. Lots of streaking and patching. I got it even with a final thick coat, but that could result in some pretty nasty bubbling. Luckily, I didn't have that issue with this mani, but I'm still really disappointed in the formula. Look at these weird marks in my thumbnail:

Of course, the marks were gone once I added top coat. I guess Devil's Candy set my expectations a bit too high, but I like this color enough that I think I'm going to try it again later on and see if I can make it work.