Thursday, November 10, 2011

Revlon Royal Cloak

Good morning! Today I have for you a polish that is not so excellent.

Revlon Royal Cloak is from the Masquerade collection, just like Devil's Candy, but unfortunately the formula is nowhere as nice as Devil's Candy. It's a shame, because it's really a very pretty color. It has a royal purple base with grey/silver flaky shimmer.

3 coats for opacity, which isn't bad, but this was depressingly difficult to apply. Lots of streaking and patching. I got it even with a final thick coat, but that could result in some pretty nasty bubbling. Luckily, I didn't have that issue with this mani, but I'm still really disappointed in the formula. Look at these weird marks in my thumbnail:

Of course, the marks were gone once I added top coat. I guess Devil's Candy set my expectations a bit too high, but I like this color enough that I think I'm going to try it again later on and see if I can make it work.