Thursday, July 26, 2012

Reswatch: SHCSM Dorien Grey

While I do love how grey polishes look on other people, I'm not too crazy about them on me, with the exception of this one. I think I might have posted it sometime last year, but I was looking back through my old photos and oy. Horrendous. Since I wore it again recently, I figured I'd go ahead and repost it. In the shade:

I remember having quite a bit of trouble with this the first time I used it. It was streaky and watery and a four-coater. It has improved with time though. Since it's thickened up a bit, it's now much easier to work with. It still needs three coats for opacity, but that's alright. It dries nice and shiny too. Both the photos in this post show the polish without any top coat. In the sunlight:

So yeah. Nothing particularly exciting or innovative here, but a pretty decent color (with a fabulous name) nonetheless.

Thanks for looking and commenting, and enjoy the rest of the week!