Friday, July 6, 2012

Franken Friday #6, and a Jelly Sandwich Fail

Happy Friday!! My lab finally has power back, and I'm hoping everyone else affected by that storm has gotten their power restored too. Today's franken is a blue-green shimmer that was originally part of a Funky Fingers mini-set. The original color was a light blue with yellow shimmer, and it was very very sheer. Sometimes I'd wear 4 coats on its own, and I still had a ton of VNL, but it looked pretty cool. I got tired of it though, so I added SHCSM Navy Baby, which darkened the base and tinted the shimmer. This is the result, in the shade:

Navy Baby is a very opaque polish, and I added enough that this polish is now opaque in 3 coats, which I think is pretty reasonable. In direct sunlight:

In the bottle, it looks like a blue-green duochrome with a red shift when angled away, but sadly that property doesn't actually translate onto the nail. It's all good though, because this is still completely unique in my collection.

Earlier this week, there were a bunch of blog posts dealing with jelly sandwiches, so I figured I'd do one just for kicks and giggles, and....yeah. Didn't turn out too well, LOL. Here it is, as a cautionary tale. 3 coats of Verity Deep Violet, 1 coat of OPI Last Friday Night, 1 coat of Verity Deep Violet, and 1 thin coat of Finger Paints Asylum.

Could've been worse, I guess, but it's still pretty bad. :P

Have a great weekend, and thanks for looking and commenting!