Saturday, October 1, 2011

China Glaze 2NITE

Yay, it's Saturday! I don't know about you, but even with my relatively light undergrad schedule, I am super energy to paint my nails at the moment, so I've got an older one to show you today.

The OMG collection was China Glaze's Spring 2008 offering, and has been discontinued for at least 2 years...unfortunately, most of these colors have become rather hard-to-find, and unless you find them dustying or in swaps, you'll have to pay ridiculous prices on Ebay for not want.

Anyway, here is 2NITE! It's a really nice dusty, medium blue with a touch of periwinkle, but this polish is completely unique because of the prismatic effect. China Glaze calls this effect "holographic," and as a result so do most nail polish aficionados, but I guess technically it is prismatic. In many different lightings, you can see strong linear rainbows across the nail, and it is just so cool! In artificial light, the rainbows disappear, but the blue base is still really pretty.

The formula on this one (and on pretty much all the OMGs) is a little interesting. If you use a base coat (save for Nfu Oh's Aqua Base or similar products), you will get SO. MUCH. STREAKING. It drove me insane when I first got this. Luckily, before I chucked it out of frustration, I decided to try it without a base coat. You wouldn't believe how smooth the application is without a base. 2 smooth coats, and it's perfect. Some top coats dull the rainbow effect, but I used Out the Door and it's perfectly fine.