Wednesday, September 21, 2011

OPI Catherine the Grape

Hello! Today I have OPI Catherine the Grape to show you. This one isn't actually mine - I borrowed it from a close friend who also likes polish, but I think I need a bottle for myself, because this one is AWESOME. This is an uncharacteristically conservative color for me, but I absolutely love it. It flowed on nicely in 2 smooth coats, and for once, that stupid Pro-Wide brush wasn't an impediment!

Catherine the Grape is a warm plum with gold, copper, and tiny specks of burgundy shimmer. My skin is pretty warm-toned, so this color was very flattering on my hands. Click on the picture to enlarge, if you want!

Catherine the Grape was released with OPI's Russia Collection in Fall 2007. If I am not mistaken, this was a green-label OPI, so it's 3-free. Many colors from that collection, including this one, have been discontinued, but this one still isn't very hard to find. It showed up at my local CVS, but of course, that was the day I didn't have enough cash with me to buy it. D'oh! Oh well. It'll turn up eventually...