Saturday, July 27, 2013

A-England Saint George

Whoops! Apparently I forgot to finish writing this post before scheduling it...sorry if you've seen it already, haha.

A-England Saint George was released with the Legends collection in early 2012. It was A-England's second collection, and to me, a HUGE improvement from the first! I think they were probably establishing themselves with some more basic colors with the Mythicals, which makes sense, but none of the colors were particularly interesting to me...and then they did this. I remember looking at Legends swatches from Ommorphia and Scrangie and thinking OMFG I NEED SOME OF THESE, except somehow it still took me over a year to cave and buy them. I am so glad I finally did, because these are just beautiful. You'll see Dragon on Monday, but in the meantime, here is my favorite:

As you can see, Saint George is a scattered holographic teal. There's no distinct rainbow to be found, but that prismatic shimmer imparts a TON of depth. I hope you don't mind the mini pic-spam I've got for you today, I'm just really excited (and hella late to the party)!

The great thing about scattered holos is that they don't look nearly as boring in the shade as linear holos do. Of course, they reach their full awesomeness in bright, direct sunlight, but this is still pretty freaking fantastic.


Saint George has a thick, super opaque formula. It's almost perfect in 1 coat, but I did need a second. And I would also recommend keeping thinner on hand. I will probably add a couple drops before using it again. It wasn't unmanageable in its original state though, just a bit thick for my liking. Here's another photo...because I can!

Top 20 material for sure. And now I am even more excited about Briarwood! It looks sorta like the scattered holo version of OPI Royal Rajah Ruby, and you KNOW I will be all over that.

Now, as for similar polishes...I think this is pretty unique. L.A. Girl recently released a collection of scattered holos that included a teal, but the finish is very different, more like the Milani holographics in a jelly base. There's also Glitter Gal Lizard Belly, which is not only much greener but a linear holo. Basically, if you like this, I would absolutely recommend it! It's a really special color in my collection, I think.

Thanks for looking and commenting, and enjoy your weekend!!