Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri In a Flurry

Sally Hansen In a Flurry is a limited edition polish for Fall 2012. Look at me, posting something LE while it's still available! I think. Anyway, In a Flurry is a very interesting polish. It consists of blue and green flecks and fine purple shimmer in a dark, murky, blackish green base. On its own, it requires 3 coats, so here's that in the shade. I'm not sure how much it shows in the photos, but a fourth coat would have done some good.

Be gentle, this is my right hand! I was too lazy to swatch twice, so I have it on alone on my right hand, and layered over black on my left. As always, you can click on my photos to get a closer look.

I'll be blunt: this polish is pretty disappointing on its own. It looks stunning in the bottle, but I feel that a lot of that gorgeous, complex shimmer gets lost in the base, despite the fact that it's sheer enough to need 3 coats. Now, if you layer 2 coats over black, it looks much nicer.

In the sun:

Now that it's layered over black, you can see some of the shimmer. It's still not as nice on the nail as it is in the bottle, but over black is a drastic improvement.

I feel like it just looks a lot cleaner and more crisp over black. Here's a macro in some crappy lighting so you can see the texture of the shimmer:

The shimmer still kinda gets lost in the base, but as a black polish lover, I am still a fan of In a Flurry. This is my only Insta-Dri because the brushes are so bad, but I'm actually willing to overlook it for this.

On a side note, I think I'm finally getting used to squovals! I kinda like them at this shape/length, actually. It's an interesting change after having round/oval nails for so long.

On yet another side note, HOW 'BOUT THAT ELECTION? This was the first election I could legally vote in. I am so excited, and I am so happy that MD passed Questions 4 and 6.

Thoughts? Feelings? Have you tried In a Flurry? Do you hate the Insta-Dri brush as much as I do?