Monday, November 5, 2012

My First Water Marble!

I've always admired water marbles on other people, but got it in my head that they are totally impossible so I shouldn't even bother trying anyway. But then my mom and niece saw one and were like "NAZ YOU NEED TO TRY THIS IT LOOKS SUPER COOL." So I watched a few Youtube videos, tried marbling a few individual nails until I felt I had kinda started to get the hang of it, and then attempted a full mani. Here's my left hand:

As you can see, I messed up the ring fingernail, and I feel like the designs turned out too simple for my liking. But I started with the pinky nail on this hand, so I think I improved a bit by the time I finished my right hand.

I marbled with Sinful Colors Open Seas and $OPI Slushied, over a base of OPI Ridge Filler, which toned them down quite a bit.

Aaaaaand now I am hooked on water marbling. I have another one to show you later on, but in the meantime, talk to me about water marbling! Have you ever tried it? How did it go? What are your favorite color combinations?

Thanks for looking and commenting, and have a great week!