Friday, November 2, 2012

Revlon Royal

Revlon Royal is a medium blue jelly with a horrendous formula. Despite being part of the Top Speed line, it dries very slowly, is runny and watery, and bubbles. And it smells awful. I know this color is quite popular amongst online polish addicts, but I am not impressed. 3 coats, no top coat.

You can see some of the bubbling on my middle fingernail. I love how vivid the color is, but it's such a pain to work with. It's getting purged for sure. The only way I can use this without myriad bubbles is in a jelly sandwich. In the sun:

Yayyy more bubbles. >:| Luckily, I don't think this color is all that unique. Essence Cool and the Gang looks pretty similar, and plenty of brands have put out vivid medium blues recently. Orly Royal Navy is also close, but has shimmer. I've heard that the shimmer in Royal Navy has a tendency to settle so if you let that happen and then polish from the top of the bottle, you should be able to get a pretty similar effect. I believe RBL IKB:2012 is similar, but has a slight purple/indigo tinge to it that the others lack. It's also much more expensive and more difficult to get ahold of, so I'd suggest the Orly over the others.

Have you tried Royal? Was it as much of a disappointment for you as it was for me?

Thanks for looking & commenting, and happy Friday!! Have a great weekend.