Monday, April 2, 2012

Zoya Faye

Faye is from Zoya's Sunshine collection, the sparkly counterpart to the Summertime collection. It consists of gold foil-y flecks of sparkle in a dark pink/mauve base. Sounds weird, but it's actually really pretty. It's also identical to OPI Rally Pretty Pink and nearly identical to Orly Ingenue (which is the tiniest bit more purple). Here it is under artificial light:

Here you can see the base color really clearly, but in the shade, the gold is really prominent, and Faye looks coppery with pinkish edges.

Here's the bad news: Faye is super sheer. I used four coats for these photos, and you can still see my nail line in person, though I'm not sure just how visible it is in these photos. It could definitely use a fifth coat, which is kind of disappointing since Zoya has shown us several times how good they are with these foil/jelly-type colors. Just look at Ivanka and Charla! Those have a very similar finish, but they're good in 3 coats, not 5.

Yep, there's that visible nail line. Boo. I do still prefer this one to OPI Rally Pretty Pink, just because I hate the Pro-Wide brush. The Zoya brush is also a little tricky for me, but nowhere near as bad as that ridiculous mop that OPI provides for us. Still a lovely color though!

Thanks for looking!