Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Essie Ole Caliente + Essie Shine of the Times

Essie Ole Caliente is part of Essie's Navigate Her collection for this spring. At first I was thinking "Meh, whatever. Boring." but then I saw the collection in person and realized how pretty it actually is! Most of the colors are terrible for my skintone, but Ole Caliente is gorgeous. I'm debating getting Navigate her too. Light greens are tricky for me, so we'll see how that goes. Anyway, here's Ole Caliente.

Essie cremes can be a little tricky and prone to patching (case in point: Pretty Edgy), but I found that Ole Caliente works best in 4 super-thin coats. I let them dry completely just to be on the safe side.

Mind you, this is without top coat! It's that glossy on its own. It dried quickly, and I didn't have any issues with running or pooling.

Coral is pretty far out of my comfort zone, and while I do really like this color, I'm just not used to pink/orange/coral on me, so it looked a little weird. I figured adding flakies would help. This is one thin coat of Shine of the Times over Ole Caliente:

Usually the flakes in Shine of the Times and its assorted dupes are more orange, but they looked yellow most of the time. It's not a bad thing, just unexpected.

I think all the yellow from the flakes made Ole Caliente look more orange overall? They did help though. Coral is a lot less weird on my hands when there's glitter or flakes involved.

I don't usually keep the same polish on for more than 2 days, but I wore this combination for four days, and it wore really well. Very minor tipwear on a few nails, and no chipping whatsoever.

Thanks for looking!