Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sinful Colors Open Seas + Essie As Gold As It Gets

Sinful Colors Open Seas is a polish that I showed you back in December, but since my original photo isn't accurate and my nails were in pretty bad shape at the time, I figured I'd reswatch for this post. 3 thin coats, no top coat, artificial light.

The formula is thin but smooth, and it levels itself out nicely. I just can't seem to leave cremes alone though, so I decided to put a thin coat of Essie As Gold as it Gets on top.

I had my doubts about mint green and gold together, but I actually rather like the result. It's subtle, but really cool.

I know the Essie stands out more against dark colors, but I like it much better over lighter ones like this, or Essence What Do U Think.

Thanks for looking!