Monday, August 5, 2013

OPI Black Cherry Chutney

OPI Black Cherry Chutney is from OPI's Spring 2008 India collection. Most of the colors were quite boring to me, but the two vampy shades, for some reason, are freakin' awesome to me. OPI Royal Rajah Ruby, as you might possibly be aware, is my absolute favorite nail polish, and while Black Cherry Chutney isn't quite that awesome, it is pretty great in and of itself! In the shade, it looks like a vampy creme, and I tried to photograph it but it's so dark my camera had a bit of a freakout.

I'd say that's a pretty accurate depiction of how it looks in the shade, but it's so dark my camera freaked and decided to make my skin look super pale. I'm pretty sure my skin hasn't been that light since I was a year old, hahah. But, check it out in the sun!

Eeeeee. So pretty.

I am smitten with this shimmer. The formula wasn't bad, a 3-coater for me, but I think the brush was cut a little funny in this one because application was sort of tricky.

Being a vampy shimmer, OPI Black Cherry Chutney probably has a toooon of dupes. OPI Every Month Is Oktoberfest is similar, but cooler-toned, and Midnight in Moscow is warmer, so the opposite. I mean, there are many colors like this. This happens to be a pretty good one, but it's hardly groundbreaking, haha.

Have you tried Black Cherry Chutney, or any of the other India colors? Thoughts?

Thanks for looking and commenting, and have a great week!