Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Essence Colour & Go Swatches

Recently, Essence discontinued and rereleased their Colour & Go line with a bunch of new colors. A while back, I tried one of the old ones, What Do U Think? and frankly, I thought it was pretty terrible. But for $1.99, I decided to try out 4 of the new ones. I picked up Date in the Moonlight, Grey-t to Be Here, Oh My Glitter!, and Walk on the Wild Side, which I will show you in that order. They are all shown at 3 coats, with top coat.

First up, Date in the Moonlight. It was close to opaque in 2 coats, but did need a third to be completely even. In the shade:

It's a gorgeous, smoky, inky blue with brighter blue flecks of shimmer. The flecks are subtle, but pretty. But I have to say, I do wish the shimmer was more prominent. For a 3-coater, I definitely think they could have balanced the base color and shimmer a bit better. Luckily, I also really like the base color, so it's not really a big deal. In the sun:

The formula left a bit to be desired, as it was thin and watery and liked to pool in my cuticles, but unlike most dark blues, it did not stain upon contact, so cleanup was not torturous.

Grey-t to Be Here is a light grey with red/pink flecks of shimmer. This was also watery, and definitely needed all 3 coats. In the shade:

Love that contrasting shimmer!! No complaints about it being overly subtle. And I love pale, cool greys on me, so this one is awesome. In the sun:

Oh My Glitter! is an absolute stunner. It's a little warmer in person than it photographs, but it's awesome either way. A vivid, light purple base that's packed with shimmer. In the shade:

Same formula as Grey-t to Be Here; thin, watery, definitely needs all 3 coats. The different colors of shimmer were hard to pick up, but you can see the pink, and maybe a tiny bit of the blue here:

Last up, Walk on the Wild Side. This one is my favorite. In the shade:

As you can see, Walk on the Wild Side is a dark, dusty green with brighter green flecks of shimmer. LOVE. The shimmer is only one color, and it's not nearly as complex as Oh My Glitter!, but as I've told you, I have a bit of a weakness for greens. The formula was mostly consistent with the others, but this one was a bit more opaque. Still a 3-coater, but almost perfect in 2.

With the new line came a $1 price increase, but they also increased the bottle size. I don't think $1.99 for a relatively large mini is that big of a deal, but I do have a problem with the brush. That's an Essie brush on the left, for comparison purposes. ESSENCE, Y U DO DIS? And the wide stem means that you have to really wipe it off well to avoid random globs of polish.

As far as dupes go....I think these colors are pretty unique! Well done, Essence. These are awesome, despite that ridiculous paddle brush, and the watery formulas.

Thoughts? Feelings? Have you picked up any of the new Colour & Go polishes?

Thanks for looking and commenting, and I hope you're having a great week!