Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Revlon Copper Penny

Revlon Copper Penny was released in Winter 2010 as part of the Heavenly Metal collection. There were 3 nail polishes in that collection, Copper Penny, Gold Coin, and Silver Dollar. I've already got a light, cool-toned gold foil, as well as a silver foil, so I passed on the other two. I'm quite glad that I chose to get this one though, because it's opaque in one coat. Yeah, one. In the shade:

Yeah, you can see a bit of the nail line on my ring fingernail, but really, it's negligible. In direct sun:

So cool! And the bits of shimmer are different colors. Of course, the main color is copper, but there are bits of silver and gold in there too. Really complex.

There are a lot of copper foils out there, but I can't think of any that are quite like this one.

I actually consider metallics to be my kind of neutral, so I'm always a bit surprised when I hear people say that metallics are super flashy or far too bold/daring a choice for them. I guess it's because in my experience, in South Asia and amongst Desi people here in the U.S., the most popular nail colors are gold, silver, and copper/bronze/rose gold. Aside from the typical pinks, reds, and browns of course!

Thoughts? Feelings? Is copper actually a low-key color choice for you, or am I just weird?

Thanks for looking and commenting, and I hope you're having a great week!