Saturday, March 3, 2012

Claire's Poison Apple

Poison Apple is part of Claire's 3-piece collection meant to dupe MAC's Venomous Villains collection from Fall 2010. Poison Apple is similar to MAC Bad Fairy, Venomous is similar to MAC Mean & Green, and Evil Queen is similar to MAC Formidable. None of them are dupes, but they're close. Bad Fairy was the one I wanted the most, and Poison Apple is the closest approximation that I've found. It's so pretty, but SO sheer. 5 coats under artificial light:

Poison Apple is actually a duochrome, but the coppery shift doesn't show up unless you're in the shade.

A closer look, so you can see the texture of the shimmer:

Despite the ridiculous number of coats required, I like Poison Apple a lot, and so long as you wait between coats, bubbling isn't an issue.

Thanks for looking!