Thursday, February 23, 2012

Essie Poor Li'l Rich Girl + Finger Paints Asylum

Essie Poor Li'l Rich Girl is a cool-toned red jelly from the 2004 Winter collection, Frozen Assets. This collection was released before Essie made the switch to a Big 3 Free formula, so Poor Li'l Rich Girl is chock full of toluene and whatever else Essie put in their formula before. It smells terrible, and I have to make sure the windows are open when I'm using this polish, but it's fantastic! The formula is very smooth, dries quickly, and since it is a jelly, it's very shiny even without top coat. This is 3 thin coats over 1 coat of Essie Fill the Gap. I made sure each coat was completely dry before I added the next, just in case.

There is still some visible nail line, but it's barely visible in most situations. I know reds aren't the most exciting, but this is a really really great one.

Since I love layering and flakies, I put 2 coats of Finger Paints Asylum over the Essie, and while I'm not too crazy about the result, I don't think it looks too bad either.

Maybe a warmer red base would look better under Asylum? I do like how the blue flakies pop against Poor Li'l Rich Girl though.

Unfortunately, I think the Finger Paints flakies are sold out in most areas at this point, but if you like flakies, you don't have any dupes in your stash, and you come across them, they're definitely worth getting. I only have 2, Asylum and Flashy, but I'm happy with them despite the relative sparseness of the flakes.

Thanks for looking!