Thursday, February 2, 2012

MAC Ming Blue

Ming Blue was originally released with MAC's fall/winter 2010 Nail Trend collection, which was full of interesting shimmers. MAC nail polish is, in my opinion, far too expensive for the quantity and quality, and the brush is really pretty terrible, so despite the pretty colors, I chose to just get Ming Blue.

A gorgeous medium blue with little flecks of blue and pink shimmer. It's not regular shimmer, it looks kinda like the flecks in glass-flecked polish, but in a creme base rather than jelly. The pink absolutely refused to show up on camera, but you can see bits of it in the bottle, I think. At first I was thinking "oh, a blue shimmer, how original," but Ming Blue is actually a lot more unique than I thought! I have more blues than any other color family, and nothing remotely like this. So pretty.

Ming Blue had better be glad it's so pretty, because I was ready to Hulk smash this thing. The formula is a nightmare. It's got a thin, watery formula, and dries super slowly. It needs 3 coats minimum, possibly 4 since it's also VERY prone to streaking. It really likes to pull at the tips too. I kept having to patch those in addition to those 3-4 coats. It also really likes to pool in your cuticles!!! Fun. So much fun. I was not pleased with the brush either.

But just look at that shimmer! Totally worth the trouble for a color like this.

Thanks for looking!