Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Contrary Polish Inky Fingers

Today I have a Contrary Polish to show you! Yay. I have 5 Contrary Polishes, actually, so you'll be seeing four of those over the next month. Aside from Inky Fingers, I have Firebrand, Anna Maria, Purple Smoke, and Desert Fruit (which is the one I've not yet photographed). Inky Fingers is a really cool dark blurple with subtle, greenish blue shimmer. It's solid in 2 coats, and I should also note that the shimmer is more apparent in person. It's also more purple than it appears. It's kind of like a smoky, cooler-toned version of Zoya Pinta, with shimmer.

It dries a little satiny, so you will definitely need top coat. The formula is good, no complaints there.

Such an awesome color. I should note that the brush is a bit different- it's kinda wide and flat, not nearly as big as the OPI Pro-Wide, but definitely bigger than say, a China Glaze or Essie brush. I'll show you how it compares in one of my next Contrary Polish posts. I quite like it, personally, and if you're a murky shimmer fan you definitely need to check these out.

Do you own any Contrary Polishes? What do you think?

Thanks for looking and commenting, and I hope you're having a great week!