Monday, June 4, 2012

Revlon Runway Pearl

Every so often, Revlon puts out "trendy" colors in separate displays, like Perplex (later rereleased under the name Naughty) and Carbonite. This spring, we have Runway Pearl, but I have to admit I'm a little confused. Perplex and Carbonite are pretty clear knockoffs of Chanel Paradoxal and Chanel Graphite, respectively, and were released not long after the Chanels, but I can't tell what Runway Pearl is supposed to approximate. It looks sort of like Chanel Intermezzo, but Intermezzo is a frosty mess, and has pink, subtle shimmer. Either way, Runway Pearl is fantastic. In the shade:

As you can see, Revlon Runway Pearl is a soft white with contrasting shimmer. In the shade, the shimmer looks pinkish, but in direct light it's closer to red. I was worried that the shimmer would disappear in the shade or just not show up at all *cough*RBL*cough*, but that is not the case! By the time I got around to taking these photos, it was too late in the afternoon to get decent sunlight shots, so I used artificial light instead. Skyward Sword is so distracting :'D

The artificial light gives it a slightly yellowish/ivory cast which isn't there in person, but this was more for the purposes of depicting the shimmer. It looks so freaking cool! Wherever the light hits it, it gets this glowy pink sheen.


As far as formula goes, Runway Pearl wasn't too bad. I didn't apply any top coat before taking these photos, and I used 4 thin coats of Runway Pearl over 1 thin coat of Essie Fill the Gap for opacity. Yeah, it's a little sheer, but I think that's a good thing in this case, because otherwise it might have been too stark a white for me to pull off. This way, it's still a soft, but clean white. I did notice some patching near the cuticle end of my nails after the second coat, but I just let all subsequent coats dry completely, and it evened itself out. As usual, the brush was great, no complaints there.

Thanks for looking and commenting!