Friday, June 29, 2012

Franken Friday #5, and some weirdness

Hurraaaaayyy, the week is finally over! Friday is almost over too but.........whatever.

Today's franken is one that I made several months ago, and have worn several times, but have never actually photographed until today. Whoops. It's nearly opaque in one coat, but I used 2 for good measure. It looks like a fairly uninteresting blue-grey shimmer in the shade.

In the light, however, it looks a lot more interesting. Blue, green, and silver bits of shimmer, and there's a bit of orange too, though that was pretty much impossible to capture.

A closer look at the shimmer:

I don't remember what exactly I used, but I know the shimmer is from Sally Hansen Mandarin Mantra, a very old sheer orange shimmer. If I recall, that one was only good for layering, and I'm not a big orange fan, so I used it up for this. I also used Revlon Royal for the blue part, and as a result, this franken smells horrendous. I don't know what it is about Royal, but it smells really...skunky. I think I also threw in some black or grey to darken it.

Now for the weirdness. Remember this franken that I made back in January? It's pretty clearly a blue-toned green, right? Well, not anymore. I pulled it out this morning, and well, this is what it looks like now.

It's still holo enough, but I'm really weirded out by the fact that it's so olive now. Unfortunately, olive doesn't seem to play too well with my skintone, but it's not that bad, I guess. And I could always add more blue to get it back to the way it was, but at any rate, it's something to keep an eye out for while frankening.

Thanks for looking and commenting, and have a great weekend!